Knife Laws In Vermont

The knife laws of Vermont state are very permissive and allows for carrying and possession of any knife except switchblades whose blade length exceed 3”.

The intention of owning and carrying a knife determines whether it’s legal or not.

A preemption bill was introduced in 2015, but since then, it has not been signed into law. It’s unclear if the bill expired or if it’s still edible to pass.

Due to the absence of this rule, local ordinances can enforce their laws which can be strict than the state laws.

Knife Laws in Vermont



Some of the legal knives include:

• Balisong knives

• Hunting knives

• Swords

• Fishing knives

• Daggers

• Stilettos

• Dirks

• Machetes

• Throwing knives

• Throwing stars

• Pocket knives

Any knife can be owned in Vermont. Open carry is also allowed except on state institution such as schools and prisons.


• It's illegal to own a switchblade with a blade length that exceeds 3.”

• It's illegal to carry a knife with the intention of harming someone else.

Apart from these two limitations, anyone can carry a knife openly or conceal without repercussions. Knife owners can enjoy the knife rights as long as they avoid the restrictions imposed by the Vermont state.

Length Limit

Switchblades with a blade length of 3” and below are illegal in Vermont. Apart from this restriction, the state of Vermont doesn’t impose restrictions on the blade length.

Conceal Carry

It’s illegal to carry any knife concealed on any state institution premises like prisons, courthouses, and schools. Carrying a knife hidden with the intention of causing harm is illegal. Apart from this restriction, any legal knife can be carried concealed or openly.

Other Knife Laws in Vermont

Since the preemption rule hasn’t been signed into law, local ordinances can impose their knife laws. However, Vermont is a friendly state when it comes to knife ownership and carrying even in the absence of preemption law.


Any knife can be owned apart from a switchblade with a blade length that exceeds 3”. It’s also legal to carry any knife concealed or openly provided that you don’t use the knife to cause harm and carry it to a government property and schools.