Knife Laws In Virginia

Virginia knife laws are somehow friendly in some ways yet restrictive in others.

Ballistic knives, switchblade knives, and throwing stars cannot be owned, bought, or sold.

Any legal knife can be carried openly except in schools and its grounds.

Most knives are prohibited from carrying concealed. At the beginning of 2015, preemption bill was proposed but was defeated legislatively as a result of negative press.

Therefore, local knives laws are applied in different local governments.

Knife Laws In Virginia



Some of the legal knives include:

• Balisong knives

• KA-BAR knives

• Swords

• Dirks

• Hunting knives

• Pocket knives

• Sword canes

• Bowie knives

• Machetes

• Daggers

• Stilettos

• Clasp knives

• Utility knives

These knives can be owned, sold, given, received or manufactured legally. They can also be carried concealed or openly on carrier private property or home. Any legal knife can be carried openly except those which can’t be easily recognized. This includes disguised knives and sword canes. Such knives can be owned but cannot be carried in public since they are considered concealed.


Some of the illegal knives are;

• Switchblades

• Throwing stars

• Ballistic knives

These knives are illegal to sell. However, the law states that possession of the illegal knives proves the intention to sell thus criminalizing ownership of the same knives. Violating this law is categorized as Class 4 Misdemeanor.

Length Limit

There are no limits on the blade length unless when determining the legality of a pocketknife suitable for carrying on schools. It’s illegal to carry a knife whose blade exceed 3” in schools.

Conceal Carry

Some of the knives not allowed to be carried hidden are Bowie knives, ballistic knives, razors, throwing stars, switchblades, machetes and shuriken. All similar knives are banned which include stilettos, swords, throwing knives, balisong knives, daggers, hunting knives, gravity knives. There are exceptions when these knives are being transported from the store to home or home to repair store. However, they should be securely wrapped. There is also an exception when knives are used for hunting purpose. Some knives such as belt-buckle knives, disguised blades, dipstick knives and sword canes cannot be carried in public.

Other Knife Laws in Virginia

Culpepper and Amherst County ban any knife with blade length that exceeds 3” from public parks both for open or conceal carry. Most local governments also ban carrying any knife for those operating taxicabs.


A resident of Virginia State can own any knife. However, it’s illegal to carry bowie knife, machete, throwing stars, dirk, switchblade or ballistic concealed. Open carry of any knife is legal.