Vitamix 5200 Costco Review

The Costco Vitamix 5200 is the ultimate blender bar none. I bought one six years ago using it for soups, smoothies, veggie blends, health drinks and it is still going strong. It is the most powerful, durable (blades made of stainless steel), with a seven year warranty that covers parts & labor and shipping both ways. Plus it is self-cleaning.


Add a spot of your favorite dish cleaner with water, let run for sixty seconds, wash and it is perfectly cleaned. It is one of the most unique blender on the planet.

In the era of the knowledge bomb there are more wonderful points of interest in this blender than anything built since the space shuttle. Look what is used on any cooking show and you will see the dependable Vitamix 5200 nine out of ten times. It is simply the best.

The Review

vitmaix 5200


  • Height: 20.5 inches tall
  • Base: 7.25 inches wide – 8.75 inches deep
  • Weight: 10.56 lbs.
  • Three pronged 6 ft. collapsible power cord
  • Motor: 37,000 rpm two horse peak motor built in Sweden
  • Controls: Made from soft touch rubber with variable 10 speed dial – High & variable switch along with a on and off switch
  • Available in five colors: Red – white – Black – Brushed Stainless Steel – Platinum


The Vitamin 5200 is a little pricey but the remarkable 2 hp Swedish motor and excellent engineering leaves all other blenders in the dust. It is the most unique variable speed blender on the planet, the Superman of the kitchen.

You can chop salsa, make ice cream, make whole juice from raw veggies & fruits, you can release nutrients from skins, pulp, fiber and more.

With its 7 year warranty the Vitamix 5200 for my money is the hardest working appliance in the modern kitchen. It is a commercial blender at a household price.

It is good for parties – breakfast – dinner – supper - family holidays  – summer fun – and allows you to produce the most in the shortest amount of time. It is industrial strength for sure at a fair price for what it does. I mean can you make ice cream, fondues and hot soups with other blenders? I think not.

The way the wife and I pay for things is we will both save for what the wife wants, then we will both save for what I want. It is faster and safer this way because no one can complain about the other buying too much.  

Six years ago the wife and I were looking for a blender that could provide a natural energy boost for the breakfast table.

 We went looking for the best blender out there, with the best warranty, best parts, the most durable powerful blender on the planet. After a quick search on the net we came up with the Vitamix 5200. The wife and I saved up our bonus money from work and took the plunge.

 One of the nice things about the blender it has a tamper in the lid that allows you to tap down your product while blending. I thought that very unique and a good selling point.

The control panel has a ten point speed control dial in the middle with a switch on the left for high and variable.  On the right is a big on and off switch that our cat Dylan likes to play with. He accidently started it once and the noise shot him straight up in the air. We haven’t seen Dylan in the kitchen for a long time.

The blending jar is tall that means if you don’t have counter space you will have to store the base and jar separately. Not a big deal for me since our counter space is considerable. The Vitamix 5200 newer models have a shorter blender jar you can order that are short and squatty that would be good for storing in shorter spaces.  There are also attachments for grain grinding if you’re into that, but it is more expensive. Personally I like it for its hot soup blends you can conjure up adding different herbs & spices. My favorite smoothies are banana and strawberry with a touch of honey and turmeric extract. It gives you an excellent lift good for morning energy. 


  • We both love the tamper and the adjustable speeds of the blender. It is excellent for grinding ice cubes into tiny chips for drinks or including in your smoothies for the hot summer months.
  •  Four versions of the Vitamix 5200 make it easy to choose what uses you want it for. The four are the deluxe, super, standard and compact packages.  All include the spill proof vented lid with laser cut stainless steel blades and an endless food recipe cookbook that has all your favorites. And believe it or not a DVD getting started guide that other brands do not carry.
  •   Another unique feature only the Vitamix 5200 carries is a thermal protections system and a cooling fan protecting the motor from overheating. How clever is that?
  • The 64oz blender jar is excellent for large families. We use ours in the morning to help energize our two children while eating breakfast. 


  • If you have to move it a lot it is a little on the heavy side. It is definitely not for the weak and frail.
  • It is noisy if you have to run it for a long time, but it is something you can get used too. We have had ours for six years and I don’t even notice it anymore.
  • Actually that is about it. The Vitamin 5200 is expensive, but it does have the most unique features on the planet, the best warranty, and we haven’t even talked about the customer service yet.  I chipped the top off the blender jar mishandling it and had to order a new one.
  • Customer service was all over it. In three days I had a new blender jar, updated recipe book and no shipping charge for the purchase. I was still in their computer even after four years had elapsed. Does it get any better than that?


Is the blender safe when you use the tamper?

Yes, the tamper does not reach the blades when the lid is in place. However, do not us without the lid.

What is the best price for the Vitamix 5200?

You can buy a re-conditioned blender at an affordable price. They are not new, but still work great.

A friend wants to sell me his old Vitamix with all the attachments for $200 dollars. Is that a fair price?

Yes, for as long as they last, if the motor sounds good, I would recommend buying it.

Why did my Vitamix turn off while blending?

Mostly like the thermal sensor kicked in to keep it from overheating. Let it cool down. Reduce the portion size.  Make sure to start the machine on variable and #1 setting. Bring speed up gradually.

Where can I find more recipes for the Vitamix 5200?

Check out the Vitamix website for recipes. Or Vitamix Recipes and Community Forum on Facebook

Can I use a Vitamix to grind coffee beans?

Yes, another appliance that the blender replaces.