VSL 3 Costco Review

There is an incredible amount of information on the Internet about Costco VSL 3.

The reason is because it does excellent work as a probiotic for those that either suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, or those who simply want to help maintain a healthier digestive system.


While probiotics have become extremely widespread in terms of popularity, each of them is unique and holds their own pros and cons. VSL 3 is no different. The reason we wanted to write this article is because of the mystique of most probiotics including VSL 3.

Probiotics don’t have to endure the same measure as pharmaceutical drugs before reaching the market, which can make it hard for consumers to know exactly what they are taking.

While VSL 3 has proven itself to be an excellent natural probiotic in an array of tests, studies, and consumer use, we wanted to make sure you know everything you need to know about the product before purchasing it!

The Review

VSL 3 at costco


  • Probiotic for dietary management
  • Treatment for IBS, Ulcerative, Colitis, and an Ileal pouch
  • Carries live freeze-dried bacteria
  • 450 billion bacteria per sachet
  • Non-Latex Free
  • Four Package Options (Basic, Junior, Regular, and Double Strength)
  • Gluten-Free
  • 100% plant-based material

Features and Benefits

VSL 3 is a freeze-dried probiotic that benefits anyone who is suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. It is very easy to take and mixes in nicely with almost any beverage that you can think of. It comes in two different flavors, plain and lemon, as well as in capsule form, so the user has options in taking it!

VSL 3 is a very pure probiotic as well. Many people may instantly be turned off by the fact that it is manufactured by a major pharmaceutical company, Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, but it should be nice to know that this company manufacturers everything they make in “current good manufacturing practices”, or cGMP for short, compliant facilities. These are essentially the cleanest and best quality facilities in the pharmaceutical world, so you can be sure you are getting a product with high standards production. It has also been tested in high standards trials including double blind, placebo-controlled trials. These trials have all pointed to positive outcomes for those that use VSL 3 daily.

One of the nice things about VLS 3 is that it is also manufactured in a wide range of product choices. The VSL 3 two-pack comes with 60 capsules and is definitely the best bang for your buck in terms of obtaining ultra-concentrated bacteria samples. The next pack is a 60-cap pack that is contains less-concentrated bacteria but goes for about half the price. The third has 30 sachets of freeze-dried packets for mixing in your drinks. The last type is the Junior version, which is the least concentrated of the bunch and is perfect for children!

Though VSL 3 has live bacteria that must be refrigerated, it can actually survive up to a week without refrigeration without any detriment to its potency. This is very ideal for those who are constantly on the road or travelling for work.

For the vegetarians in the houses, VSL 3 is made from only plant materials, so there is no worry about disrupting your dietary restrictions when taking this probiotic! Not only did they watch out for vegetarians, but Sigma-Tau made sure to be conscious of common allergens and rid VSL 3 of any traces of soy, nuts, and shellfish.

In all, it is one of the toughest probiotics out on the market right now. At 450 billion bacteria per dosage, there is no other probiotic that matches up to it, especially for an over-the-counter product. If you want / need a higher dosage, they also manufactured a prescription VSL 3 with double the bacteria per dosage.


  • Helps boost and strengthen daily users’ digestive systems
  • Helps with a wide array of conditions from IBS to those with sensitive stomachs
  • Strongest probiotic on the market
  • Can purchase over-the-counter
  • Manufactured and tested in high-quality, good-practice facilities
  • Manufactured without the use of common allergens
  • Can keep out of the refrigerator for a week without potency loss
  • Comes in different forms for different ingestion preferences

  • Con's

  • More expensive than most over-the-counter probiotics
  • The strength of the product can be too much for some
  • Must keep refrigerated for extended periods of time
  • Not vegan or dairy-free
  • Can have side-effects including bloating, mild gas, or immune system over-stimulation
  • Must take daily for actual results

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I take VSL 3 before I begin to see results?

    Though it is different for everyone, the manufacturers suggests that the probiotics need at least 1 week in the digestive system to manifest themselves into a result-bearing application. The only way to preserve the same level of work from the probiotics is to continually take it. It is said that sporadic application does not provide results.

    Can I end up taking too much VSL 3?

    This is something you should not have to worry about with VSL 3 and the majority of probiotics in general. It is a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) classified probiotic.

    What makes VSL 3 better, worse, or different than other popular probiotics?

    The main quality that sets VSL 3 apart from other probiotics that you see on the market is the fact that it is cultivated from an intelligent and potent mix of different bacteria (eight to be exact). Because the mixture is so potent and highly concentrated, it is one of the strongest out on the market and is truly meant for those that have more serious gastrointestinal issues.

    Will VSL 3 spoil if I leave it out of the refrigerator for too long?

    Not necessarily, it will just lose the majority of its potency and you will probably notice a decrease in the positive effects during daily use. If left at room temperature (77 degrees) VSL 3 is good for up to about two weeks. Any longer than, or under hotter temperatures, it will lose that potency quicker.

    What are the differences between the VSL 3 product choices?

    VSL 3 is continuing to release different strains and varieties of the probiotic, but now we see it in 4 different over-the-counter varieties and 1 prescription-only variety.

    The Lemon-flavored sachets are for mixing in drinks and contain 450 billion bacteria per does

    The unflavored packets are also for mixing in drinks and also contain 450 billion bacteria per dose

    The capsules are a bit less potent and contain only 112.5 billion bacteria per dose

    The junior packets have added watermelon flavor and contain 225 billion bacteria per dose

    Lastly, the prescription-only, labeled as DS powder, contains around 900 billion bacteria per sachet and is only for those with strong cases of gastrointestinal diseases.

    Can this probiotic also help with Chron’s Disease?

    Though it is not necessarily marketed towards those with Chron’s Disease, there have been studies that have shown VSL 3’s aid in preventing Chron’s in the very early stages. That being said, it is always best to consult with a doctor before taking this drug. Even though it is over-the-counter, the pharmaceutical company highly recommends having a consultation before purchasing it, regardless of how much you know or think you might know about it.