Knife Laws In Washington

Every state in the U.S have unique knife laws, and there are no national standards.

Washington DC being a state on its own has its knife laws as well.

If you wish to visit the capital and you love packing knives, you should know what’s legal to avoid the trouble that awaits those who don’t check the knife laws first before visiting.

Knife Laws in Washington



Some of the legal knives include:

• Belt knives

• Can knives

• Lipstick knives

• Balisong knives

• Bowie knives

• Throwing stars and knives

• Swords

• Belt buckle knives

• Stiletto

• Dirk

• Dagger

For anyone who has not visited Washington DC, one would think that city should have stricter knife laws than any other state in the country. However, it’s legal to carry and own many kinds of dangerous weapons. Well, this is where the office of the president but the knife laws are less restrictive.


It’s illegal to own switchblades or any spring blade knife in Columbia district. These are the only illegal knife to own in Washington DC.

Conceal Carry

Some laws don't ban knives but ban dangerous and concealed weapons. It includes some knives by default. Some of the knives that are illegal to conceal carry include; dagger and Dirks. It’s also illegal to carry any weapon concealed or open in a courtroom. Conceal carry laws doesn’t apply to knife owners in their home and place of business.

Other Knife Laws in Washington DC

Some knives are considered dangerous weapons. The court of appeal in 2012 declared that it’s not necessary to prove that swords are dangerous weapons because they are only meant to harm someone and extends to all knives that don't have a practical use such as daggers. They are considered dangerous weapons. In Columbia district, it’s illegal to carry concealed knives which have no utility besides causing harm. However, carrying knives classified as tools is legal.


It’s legal to carry any weapon as long as it doesn’t cause alarm. Owning switchblade knives is illegal. It’s also illegal to conceal carry a dagger, dirk, and any other dangerous weapon.