Knife Laws In West Virginia

The knife laws in West Virginia concentrates on conceal carry of dangerous weapons.

The knife laws in this state don't limit the kind of knives that may be owned.

It’s also legal to carry any knife openly as long as it’s not used to cause harm.

However, it’s illegal to carry any knife whose blade exceed 3.5” concealed if you don’t have a concealed weapons license. Also, switchblades and gravity knives are prohibited.

Knife Laws in West Virginia

There is no preemption law in West Virginia, and local governments can enforce their laws. However, most apply the limits imposed by the state. Knife owners should be aware of the local ordinances to avoid breaking the law.



Some of the legal knives include:

• Pocket knives

• Daggers

• Bowie knives

• KA-BAR knives

• Dirks

• Stilettos

• Swords

• Hunting knives

• Sabers

• Lipstick knives

• Sword canes

• Machetes

• Throwing stars

• Throwing knives

• Balisong knives

• Automatic knives

• Switchblades

• Gravity knives

• Utility knives

It’s legal to own any kind of knives except trench knives since metal knuckles are banned.


• It’s illegal to own trench knives

• It’s illegal to carry knives in schools, courthouses, some government buildings

Length Limit

West Virginia knives laws don't put restrictions on the maximum blade length limit for open carry and possession. Conceal carry is limited to knives that don't exceed 3.5”.

Conceal Carry

All knives such as dirks, daggers, stilettos, poniards, gravity knives and switchblades are considered deadly weapons and thus prohibited for conceal carry if you don’t have a license. Any implement that can inflict stabbing or cutting wound is seen as a deadly weapon.

Without a license, you cannot carry a dangerous weapon concealed. To acquire one, you will have to pay a fee of $75 and meet some qualifications. The requirements include being 21 years or above, no addictions to drugs and liquor, no felony convictions, no mental incompetence history, no misdemeanor convictions in the past five years and also pass criminal background check. The license obtained should last for five years.

Other Knife Laws in West Virginia

The Mountain State knife laws concerning open carry and ownership of knives are permissive and allows considerable freedom.


West Virginia knife laws allow for ownership of any knife. It’s also legal to carry any knife openly. However, it’s illegal to carry a dirk, poniard, stiletto with blade length that exceed 3.5”, a switchblade, butterfly knife and gravity knives concealed.