Knife Laws In Wisconsin

Known for abundant fishing and hunting and its cheese, Wisconsin is in transition to knife friendly laws.

However, the state ban gravity knives, butterfly knives, and switchblades.

The conceal carry laws are not unique such that the courts and the police can decide on the legality of conceal carry of a knife depending on the case.

It’s legal to carry any knife openly. Wisconsin state lacks preemption law, and this allows local government to enforce their laws other than those of the state.

Most of the ordinances prohibit carrying of a knife whose blade exceed 3” concealed.

Knife Laws in Wisconsin



Some of the legal knives are:

• Pocket knives

• Bowie knives

• Fishing knives

• Swords

• Throwing knives

• Stilettos

• KA-BAR knives

• Hunting knives

• Machetes

• Throwing stars

These knives are legal to possess and open carry. However, some can be owned legally but cannot be carried openly due to their construction which conceals their blade. Such knives include belt-buckle knives and sword canes.


• It’s illegal to own switchblades

• It’s illegal to own balisong knives

• It’s illegal to own gravity knives

The law bans owning, making, selling, buying, carrying or transporting of these knives.

Length Limit

There are no restrictions on the blade length for open carry and ownership. However, local governments can put restrictions if they want.

Conceal Carry

Carrying a concealed dangerous weapon in Wisconsin is illegal. However, the statutes don't specify such weapons. Therefore the definition is open to interpretation.

Anyone of 21 years and above, with no history of violent criminal, completes a firearm course can acquire a concealed weapons permit on payment of a fee. The permit allows the bearer to carry a legal weapon concealed. When objective requirements are met, a permit will be granted.

Other Knife Laws in Wisconsin

Most local governments in Wisconsin prohibits carrying of knives whose blades exceed 3” concealed. A knife owner should be aware of the local ordinances to avoid breaking the law in these local governments


Owning a butterfly knife, gravity knife, balisong, and the switchblade is illegal. It’s also illegal to carry any dangerous weapon concealed, but these knives can be carried openly.