Knife Laws In Wyoming

Any knife is legal to own in Wyoming, and there are no exceptions.

It’s also legal to carry any dangerous weapon openly or concealed as long as the carrier qualifies for conceal weapon license.

You don’t have to acquire a permit, but you just have to be eligible for one.

Nonresidents who wish to visit Wyoming State can own and carry any knife openly, but when it comes to concealing carry, they need a concealed weapons license if they want to carry a knife concealed.

Knife Laws In Wyoming

Preemption is a non-issue to Wyoming state constitution. The laws is an effective preemption and override the local ordinances.



The legal knives in Wyoming are:

• Hunting knives

• Daggers

• Bowie knife

• Stilettos

• Gravity knives

• Switchblades

• Balisong knives

• Machetes

• Swords

• Push knives

• Lipstick knives

Any knife can be owned in Wyoming State. These knives can be sold, bought, received, given and manufactured legally.


• It’s illegal to carry any weapon on schools and its grounds, or any public property.

• It’s illegal to carry weapons on private property that is posted as no weapons allowed.

Length Limit

There are no restrictions on the blade length limit for a legal purpose.

Conceal Carry

It’s legal to carry any dangerous weapon as long as the carrier qualifies for a conceal carry license. It applies to any resident that have been in Wyoming for not less than six months and be a resident of the US, be 21 years and above, haven’t abused controlled substances recently, doesn’t have misdemeanor convictions or felony conviction, not legally incompetent, and hasn’t been in a mental hospital.

A resident must also have a photo ID issued by the state so as to prove residency when caught carrying a concealed knife. A nonresident should have a concealed weapon permit.

Other Knife Laws in Wyoming

Wyoming knife laws allow for carrying of any knife openly. It also allows the residents to carry weapons concealed. Any knife owner can enjoy knife rights as long as they don’t use the knife for an unlawful purpose.


It’s legal to carry any knife openly and own them. It’s also legal to carry these knives concealed for residents and nonresidents should have a conceal weapon permit.