ZT 0620 Review

Not all knives are created equally. There are some that truly stand out due to their utility, the quality of their materials and their ease of use. If the price is also competitive, then such knives belong in any aficionado’s collection. These knives can provide the sense of security you need at all times, making them next to invaluable.

The Zero Tolerance and Emerson Knife 0620, or zt 0620, is one of these knives that can provide everything the user needs from a quality blade. If you are looking for a knife that will last a long time and that can be used in any situation, then look no further than this option. Its extensive features make this choice one that every serious knife enthusiast should consider.

ZT 0620



One of the best features this knife possesses and one that can make all the difference when using it, is the workmanship behind this blade. It is made of high-wear resistance steel, and though this sometimes means that the blade will not be as resistant to corrosion, such is not the case with this blade. Because it is composed of ELMAX steel, an advanced steel not found in most knives, the ZT 0620 is resistant to corrosion and to high-wear issues, making it the perfect blade. The DLC coating adds another great feature to the blade, since it makes it non-reflective and of high endurance. It can withstand large amounts of pressure, as well, giving you a blade that you can rely on at all times and in all conditions.


What makes it even better is the wave shape possessed by this blade. This allows the blade to catch on your pocket edge as you bring it out, so that it will be fully opened by the time you need to use it. This wave feature is what makes the knife the prime choice for military, law enforcement, and rescue personnel because it saves you time when you most need it.




zero-tolerance-zt-0620This is a tanto-style knife. It has a machined G-10 front scale, giving it better traction and making it easier to grip and keep hold of it at all times. The back is made of stonewashed titanium, adding to its strength and durability, and it comes with a frame lock that allows the blade to remain in position no matter how much force is placed on it. The frame lock can be further strengthened by adding steel inserts into the lockbar.

The handle is designed to allow for a comfortable grip at all times. There is also a thumb clip on the handle that you can use if you want to open the blade up manually at any time. The handle comes in discreet black and is as light as the blade for easy of portability.




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The ZT 0620 has everything you need from a knife:

The wave feature, which extends the blade as you remove it from your pocket
Reversible clip, for maximum comfort when using it
Manual opening through thumb disk
Made in the United States of America
• Quality steel, with ELMAX and DLC coating for maximum durability and function
• Blade is crafted to not be reflective
Frame lock enhanced with steel lockbars to withstand pressure
• A G-10 front handle with a titanium back, in black
The blade’s length when fully opened is 3.6 inches, or 9.1 cm
The knife’s length when closed is 4.9 inches, or 12.4 cm
• It is a light knife, weighing only 6.3 ounces, or 180 g
• Affordable price for its features
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Simple to learn to use
Because of its lightweight and easy to wield size, the Zero Tolerance and Emerson Knife 0620 is among the best when it comes to manageability. Add to that the great features it provides, and this knife is one that has to be in your collection.

Zero Tolerance 0620 Knife 0620



If you are looking for a knife that has durable steel, does not corrode and is highly durable, then this is a serious choice to consider. It is lightweight and small when closed, making it practically undetectable when carried in a pocket. Its blade is crafted to prevent the knife from slipping from your hands when used, and it even has a thumb clip that you can press to open it manually as needed. You can depend on this knife to withstand all manner of pressure, because of the frame locks that are enhanced by the hardened steel bars. With all of its great features and its ease of use, the  is the best of its kind and, as if things couldn’t get any better, it comes at an unbeatable price.