ZT 0770CF Review

The successor to the insanely popular limited run Zero Tolerance 0777, the ZT 0770CF knife is designed to provide the same quality in a slightly smaller and more streamlined package. The Zero Tolerance 0770CF comes in at $180 which may be an issue to novice or non-knife enthusiasts but for those who have had Zero Tolerance blades before, this price is quite reasonable. You are paying for quality and strength that is simply unmatched by cheaper knives out there, folders or fixed blade alike. You would be hard pressed to find a knife of the same size and weight as the Zero Tolerance 0770CF that can handle more punishment and still perform as good as if it was right out of the box. The Zero Tolerance 0770CF is such a hit that even people who didn’t like Zero Tolerance before were impressed and converted.

ZT 0770CF


The Zero Tolerance 0770CF has a drop point plain edge blade. It has a drop point design that makes it perfect for various tasks. Whether it be opening that Fedex package or gutting and skinning your next game, the 0770CF can definitely handle it. The plain edge with a slightly curved belly also gives it a considerable amount of slicing surface perfect for food prep (Tomatoes, here we come).



The handle is relatively smooth but the shape allows for a decent grip. The lighter weight of the Zero Tolerance 0770CF could make it feel like a flimsy knife especially the handle but it is quite strong. The shape of the handle is perfect for medium to large sized hands and the fact that it’s made from carbon fiber ensures strength and durability. It has stainless steel linings that add to its strength and the lock provides no with a stable blade, with absolutely no blade play at all. The blade also do not open as strong as other spring assisted opening knives which means there is a lot less of a chance that it will accidentally fly off your hand. The flipper also needs a bit of pressure before engaging the knife which makes it safer and ensures that it will not be accidentally opened, a common concern for some spring assisted knives.




The blade of the 0770CF is made from relatively new steel in the US known as Elmax. Elmax is a European-produced steel by Bohler and Uddeholm that was first introduced in the US market in 2009 and is a “high chromium-vanadium-molybdenum-alloyed steel”. It has 1.7 % carbon, 18 % chromium, 0.3 % manganese, 1 % molybdenum, 3% vanadium and 0.8 % silicon. Produced using a process known as powder-metallurgy, Elmax has very high corrosion and wear resisting properties. With its high wear resistance you can expect nothing but superior edge retention, a trait usually more related to high carbon steel. Elmax also, mainly due to its production process, has a very high impact resistance; a trait often associated with thicker blades and not with just 0.12 inches thick knives. However, what a lot of people like about Elmax is that it is though it is considered to be stainless steel; it has properties that are usually found on carbon steel. With its high impact resistance with crazy edge retention capabilities, Elmax simply is a great tool for whatever job you need a knife for.




Overall Length: 7.50″
Blade Length: 3.25″
Blade Thickness: 0.12″
Blade Material: Elmax
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Grind: Flat
Finish: Stonewash
Edge Type: Plain Handle
Thickness: 0.40″
Handle Length: 4.25″
Closed Length: 4.25″
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Frame/Liner: Stainless Steel
Weight: 3.00 oz.
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Country of Origin: USA




The Zero Tolerance 0770CF has a liner lock that provides a decent locking mechanism and the pocket clip is small enough not to be obtrusive and yet long enough to do its job. It makes the 0770CF a great EDC knife that can handle a lot more than your run off the mill EDC. All this goodness jammed in a small and lightweight 3 ounce package is not only surprising, its simply remarkable. The fact that it is made in the US is just icing on the cake.