Costco First Aid Kits – List Of The Top 4

A first-aid kit or cabinet is a necessity in-home, without one who knows what kind of accident could occur.



Use first-kits in-home or on the go, maybe even out at the railyard where these nifty kits were initially popular among railroad workers, starting in 1888.

After some time the market expanded to what we see today on our shelves, websites and in our stores.

What are the most efficient and inexpensive kits these days and what do they contain?

...Find out my list below of favorite Costco first aid kit products available today:

First Aid Cabinet 4-Shelf

First Aid Cabinet 4-shelf

This particular, wall mountable first aid cabinet with 1322 pieces is great for a boat, tool shed or cabin.

Some items this cabinet holds are; 200 1"x3" adhesive bandages, 2 tape rolls, 100 fabric bandages, 100 1"x3" blue detectable bandages, gauze pads, tweezers and scissors and much more.

With a cabinet as stocked as this you could ensure your excursions will be safe. This kit is 22.25" in height, 5.75" in length, 14" in width and 22 pounds.

We highly recommend this kit to any outdoor loving individual, as it could easily be taken along in the car or hung conveniently on any wall fits your needs and it holds anything you could need for a situation in need of medical aid.

50 Person First Aid Kit

Be Smart Get Prepared 250 Piece First Aid Kit

Traveling with a group of people can be quite dangerous, especially on backpacking or fishing trips, inexperienced and experienced outdoorsmen both face many potential injuries.

Because these activities are so risky for our physical being, it is important to educate yourself in first aid as well as be prepared with the proper products when it comes time to use them.

When a cut, burn, bite or splinter becomes an issue you could be sure to have the proper help from the 50 Person First Aid Kit offered online for a reasonable price.

The 50 Person First Aid Kit holds; (21) alcohol prep pads, (21) antiseptic prep pads, (1) first aid instruction guide, (1) eye wash, tweezers and scissors, (5) finger splints, over 100 bandages of assorted sizes and shapes, antacid relief tablets and much more. This kit comes in 1.1 pound, space-saving plastic case for easy transport and storage.

In comparison to the other products listed this is the most affordable and most complete first aid set, this is a definite must use when going on an extreme hike, fishing trip, boating/kayaking excursion, etc. 250 pieces in total with every bandage you could imagine pain relievers, tweezers and more, there really is no way to beat this product and this buy.

Survival First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid Kit

We all know the struggle of finding the perfect first aid kit for that one long backpacking trip or for the sailing excursion with Uncle Joe, say goodbye to that struggle, because there is an actual fair priced and fully stocked option on the market.

This specific Survival First Aid Kit is equipped with basic survival tools as well as most if not all of your first aid needs.

The Survival First Aid Kit houses; dressing, non-stick pads, gauze pads, trauma pads, 7 types of bandages, a gauze roll, aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol cleansing pads and much more.

With all of these essential items it's no doubt it will be used!

This specific item holds items people deem necessary that are commonly ignored by other first aid companies, so buying this complete set may be one's best bet to save time effort and money.

First Aid Only All-Purpose Kit

First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Essentials Kit, 299 Pieces, Fabric Case

When out on explorative ventures, most people travel in groups, whether it be to hike or to fish there is usually more than one person.

On these trips lots of different things could ensue much like someone getting bit or stung by an insect or even burnt by the campfire, in those situations

a first aid kit tends to necessary. This particular kit is perfect for a camping excursion as it holds everything you need in the situation of someone getting cut, scraped, burned, a broken finger, a cold, headache, blisters, etc.

This specific kit is an all purpose kit, readied with; (1)sterile eye pad, (3)butterfly bandages, (12)gauze dressing pads in assorted sizes, (50)small plastic bandages, (10)fabric bandages, (2)elbow and knee bandages, (6)aspirin, (2)first aid cream, (3)insect sting relief pads and even more.

Along with topical solutions and anti-inflammatory medicines and assortment of bandages, there are; tweezers, scissors, a finger splint, first aid tape, vinyl gloves an emergency blanket and a considerable amount of many other tools. The First Aid Only All-Purpose Kit contains 299 pieces or first aid equipment for your use during those moments of need.

First Aid Only All-Purpose Kit is an easy carry fabric pack, made for easy transport and flexibility. This kit weighs in at 2 pounds which it the perfect weight to stick in your backpack before your trips.

Final Thoughts

All four of these kits could be used for the same excursions at different skill level. Depending on whether you are looking for fabric or hard shell casing, any of these are a great choice! The First Aid Only All Purpose Kit, the 50 Person First Aid Kit and the Survival First Aid Kit are all excellent

choices for a quick take along on the way out the door, while the First Aid Cabinet is more so great for setting up in a restaurant, house, cabin, boat or RV.

Go check out these kits today to find yourself the perfect first aid companion for your outdoor excursions!