The Best Knives At Costco

You can’t cook without at least one knife, want to test that?

Go right on ahead, but when you realize it is pretty close to impossible, you’ll be coming back.


knife by each use

But, in all seriousness, cooking and food prep requires knives and we all know this, without knives we wouldn’t be able to cut our favorite veggies, fruits, meats, breads, cheese, etc.

There are multiple different kinds of Costco knives, each has its own unique purpose, while they could be used in situations where you don’t have the right knife.

Though this isn’t recommended, as it will only make for a shorter life for your knives.

For instance, the utility knife is an everyday use knife, you use this specific one to core fruits and veggies and to trim excess fats off of meats.

Another one is the Santoku knife, used for precision cutting, perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping all your dinner essentials.

In order to preserve the sharpness, durability and the look of your knife it is necessary to use each specific knife for its intended use.

It is also necessary to sharpen the blade of each to ensure full sharpness for the cleanest cut.

Take a quick look at each of our favorite knives on the market these days, we have complete faith that one of these blades will catch your eye.

Our Favorite Costco Cutlery

Costco Kitchen Knives

Saber Prime Pronto Magnetic 8-piece Knife Set

Saber Prime Pronto Magnetic 8-piece Knife Set

This knife set will bring the wood’s beauty into your kitchen.

It has drawer and counter-top space. Beneath the surface lies several strong magnets which secure the Saber knives eliminating any chances of being scratched.

As long as the sides hold the Saber knives, they will stay sharper for long.

The sharp edge will never come in contact with any surface that may dull the edge.

Made from the finest materials, the saber magnetized set will be a fantastic addition to your décor.

  • They are indestructible, and care must be used for durability
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Saber sharpener for restoring the sharpness
  • Each knife apart from bread life are designed with Granton edges which help in reducing friction when cutting
  • Very sharp high carbon knives
  • Knife block made from recycled rubber wood which has a magnet insertion

Saber Choice Endeavor 16-piece Knife Set

Saber Choice Endeavor 16-piece Knife Set

The set is high quality. Saber knives also can be customized for culinary artist. The knife is high-quality and affordable.

The 16-piece set is a perfect choice for a busy kitchen. The blades are hot drop forged.

This set is just perfect to start culinary adventures. Every knife has a comfortable handle, superior balance and a full tang, which has a bolster for strength.

You won’t find any other set of knives that come with premium features yet affordable for anyone.

It is paired with an attractive block, which can add to the kitchen décor.

The saber endeavor set has a precise edge, which makes cutting chores easy. It comes with a saber sharpener, which helps in restoring the sharpness of the blades.

  • A perfect combination of performance and value
  • Have ergonomic handles ,which reduce fatigue
  • Comes with Saber sharpener that ensures performance is maintained
  • The blades are forged then heat-treated for durability and sharpness
  • Attractive block for a perfect kitchen décor
  • Hand washed for superior condition
  • Has a one-year warranty against artistry and materials defect

Costco Steak Knives

Ryuu Damascus Steak Knife Set

Ryuu Cutlery Damascus Steak Knife Set

The handcrafted Ryuu Damascus set has blades forged from stainless steel and covered with high carbon steel micro-thin layers. It also has a VG10 super steel core.

The combination of these results in the ultra-sharp knife which combines rust resistance, durability, and the traditional Damascus steel beauty.

Serrations aren't necessary with the Ryuu’s clean and sharp edge.

  • Made of VG-10 stainless steel blade material
  • The handle is made of a polymer material
  • Full bolster design that helps avoid hand fatigue
  • Contoured durable polymer handles for perfect grip
  • Easy to maintain and long lasting sharp cutting edges
  • Triple riveted full tangs for control and durability

Costco Disposable Knives

Kirkland Signature Clear Cutlery, 360-count

Kirkland Signature Clear Cutlery 360-count

The high-quality Kirkland Signature clear cutlery comes with 360 premium pieces which include 180 forks, 60 knives, and 120 spoons.

They are packed and wrapped in 20 counts.

This high-quality cutlery is made for any occasions, parties, upscale catering, banquets, etc.

  • Contoured durable polymer handles for perfect grip
  • Cutlery combo
  • Premium strength
  • 120 spoons
  • 60 knives
  • 180 forks

Costco Knife Sharpeners

Master Grade HD Knife Sharpener

master grade hd knife sharpener

The Master Grade provides unique features such as the flexible sharpening wheel which cannot be compared to the ordinary stone wheeled units.

These stone wheel units overheat and grind way the blades.

This sharpener will produce a razor-sharp edge quickly.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Durable and safe
  • Can sharpen serrated knives
  • Will not work on recurved and single blades
  • Create knife angle between 6 º and 32º
  • Used mainly by meat cutters, home chefs, chefs, butchers, knife sharpening services and hunters
  • Heavy duty and its housing is designed for high impact and fire resistance
  • Flexible sharpening wheels and soft touch

Chef's Choice M115 Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

The chef’s choice M115 uses 100% diamond abrasives in the first and second stage.

In the third stage, it uses an ultra-fine diamond disk to create a very sharp edge.

This sharpener is perfect for any kitchen knife, fishing and hunting knives and pocket knives.

It has a high precision angle guides that eliminate guesswork and ensure that the edges remain sharp for a very long time.

  • Weighs 4.1 pounds
  • Dimensions are 10”x4”x4.”
  • Operate on 125 watts
  • Designed to sharpen both serrated and straight edge knives
  • Unique sharpening and polishing stage
  • Three stages of sharpening to ensure durability of the edges
  • 100% diamond edges
  • One year warranty


After how long should I sharpen my knife?

When you notice the difference in the cutting ability of the knife, then it’s time to sharpen it. You can test the knife’s edge by cutting a piece of paper. If the blade can cut the paper without the crumbling of the paper, then the knife is still sharp.

Why are high-quality knives made of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is hard enough that they cannot bend.

Do any of these knife’s manufacturers make custom knives?

Yes. Some of the manufacturers let you customize your knife.


To get a perfect kitchen knife set, you need to consider some factors. These factors include essentials, how you cook, care and the handle.

A home kitchen should have at least four different type of knives. You will need a chef knife, and this is used for slicing, chopping, and dicing. The second knife is a slicer and is used for cutting a cooked meat. You will also need a utility knife which is used for slicing vegetables and fruits. The last knife is a paring knife which is used for coring and peeling.

If you plan on a more specialized preparation, then pick a set with many pieces. The reason is that specialized preparation needs a lot of cutting, slicing peeling, etc.

You should know the terminology used when describing a knife. Knives can either be stamped or forged. Forged blades tend to be less flexible than stamped knives. Forged knives have a heel and bolster while stamped knives don’t. The heel and bolster protect your hand during cutting

If your family and other people who live in your household leave unwashed knives soaked for long, then you will need a knife that lasts for a long time. You need a knife that is resistant to corrosion.

Look for a knife with a good handle which offers balance and comfort. You can ask for a sample so that you hold and know if it’s okay for you.

These top knives are good quality, and you can purchase one at Costco if you want a lasting and reliable knife.