List of the 5 Best Giant Costco Teddy Bears

As one of the first toys in life that a child receives, few would disagree a Costco teddy bear is extra special.


This is the reason why you want to make sure that you make the best possible choice when it comes to choosing a bear for your children.

This choice has the power to impact your little prince or princess for many years to come as the bond and form a close relationship with their huggable friends.

Some say size is not important, but surely, the bigger the better and more loveable. The bears that we feature in this review are not only big enough to take your breath away, they will also ensure to create magical memories in your family for years to come.

It is not often you get to hand pick a forever friend, this is one of those moments. Choose carefully as you browse through our astounding list of gentle giants.

The 5 Best Bets

HugFun 93” Bear

The name is no exaggeration in this case.

At 93” you can be sure of loads of huggable fun for all members of the family large and small.

A towering figure in any household, the 93” HugFun bear provides the perfect centerpiece to an amazing children’s room.

With its beaming smile and amazingly soft fabric, this huge bear offers all the love and care in the world.

A great protector of your home whilst you travel as there is little chance it will be joining you on a journey!

An amazing sight offering amazing love to young hearts!

96” Jumbo Teddybear

Getting into the mammoth sizes, these bears will certainly not go unnoticed around the home. The 53” plush bear really is a gentle giant.

It comes in a range of tan, brown and gray with each being equally as adorable.

This bear can offer a feeling of loving comfort and security to little ones from age 3 and upwards.

Extremely gentle to the touch and with an open mouthed smile that would melt the coldest of hearts, it is also washable with mild soap in case of accidents.

With the cute paw pattern on the bottom of its feet, the 53” plush will look every inch part of the family.

38" Huge Teddy Bear

At 38” this premium quality bear is big and very adorable.

Coming in three colors, tan, dark brown and cream, this beautiful bear will be adored by younger and older members of your household alike.

This truly is a bear for life. Its endearing ruffled look along with broad smile instantly endear everyone.

It’s a super soft and delightfully plush bear.

Designed for all ages and sporting an extremely cute ribbon around the neck. It also has paw prints on its feet and gives a sense of warmth to any room.

This loveable character will be a feature of many bedrooms for years to come.

25" Plush Bear

This bundle of cuddly joy is the perfect starting point for young kids to build their collection.

At 25” an available in both gray and tan colors, this is the perfect first teddy for the young lord or lady of your home.

Made from a delightfully soft fabric, this snuggly bear offers the perfect travel or bedtime companion for ages of 3 and up.

With an adorable happy face and paw prints emblazoned on the underside of its feet, the 25” plush bear is the perfect choice for happy memories.


What are the bears made of?

The Costco bears we have reviewed are made from a fabulously soft synthetic material on the outside. This gives them a wonderfully smooth and comforting feel, perfect for hugs and days when you need warmth and comfort.

Internally they have light-weight, non-clumping material. This helps to ensure that the bears keep their shape for many years and that the next hug is equally as good as the last.

Can the bears be washed?

The bears are indeed huge, but they can be washed. It is inevitable that over your years together, there will be the occasional spillage or intrepid adventure where you bear picks up some unwanted dirt.

Although not machine washable, the exterior can be washed with a mild soap and warm water offering the most effective combination. This can help keep your cuddly partner in pristine condition for a very long time.

How long will they last?

These bears are lifetime friends. Treated with the correct loving care, they are sure to last for many years. This makes them the perfect addition to the family for creating lasting memories with the whole group.

Keeping your bear out of damp and wet conditions will also be important in preserving its condition into advancing years.

What age range are these bears suitable for?

Growing up, a teddy bear is one of the first toys a child receives and many keep their bears for a full lifetime. The bears listed are made from ultra-safe fabric and containing very safe materials with no loose accessories or sharp edges.

This makes them perfectly suitable for all kids aged 3 or above. The weight of some of the largest teddies may be something you should consider and be mindful of but generally speaking, they area a family friend that everybody of all ages can enjoy.