Don Julio 1942 Costco Review

For the big ballers to the tequila lovers who just want to sip something a bit classier every now and then, Don Julio 1942 Costco is excellent tequila for the celebratory occasions.


Bottled up in a beautifully slim 750ml bottle, each tequila is manufactured with a rich golden amber color, complementary of its rich flavors. It is great for making drinks, though also smooth enough to take a shot of before that special night out.

It is somewhat iconic tequila, admired by tequila connoisseurs everywhere because of i’s handcrafted-style production. Unlike most other tequilas out there, Don Julio 1942 is aged for at least 2-and-a-half years in smaller batches rather than large.

So no, the 1942 has nothing to do with its age, but it is more a homage or celebratory reference to the year that the legend himself, Julio Gonzalez, began crafting his tequila that would soon be a household name.

In celebration of him, we want to tell you all about Don Julio 1942, so that you can celebrate whatever the milestones in your life with the knowledge of one of the finest tequilas around.

The Specs

don julio 1942 costco review
  • Aging Process – 2-and-a-half years minimum
  • Distillery – Tequila Don Julio, S.A.
  • How To Serve - In a snifter glass
  • Size – 750ml
  • Origin – Mexico
  • Agave Region – Los Altos Highlands
  • Oven Type – Brick
  • Distillation Method – Stainless Steel Pot Still (Double)
  • Alcohol Volume – 40%
  • Category – Premium Tequila

  • Tasting Notes


    The first thing that you’ll notice before you take a sip of Don Julio 1942 tequila is the rich scents of caramel and chocolate, as well as slight hints of toffee and vanilla. Many describe its scent as having a “woody” quality.


    When you finally take a sip, you’ll be cast into a sweet mixture of 7-year roasted agave, warm oak, and even more hints of vanilla to top it off. Some experienced drinkers even note the presence of tropical fruits and butterscotch. In all, it has a full and creamy quality with the rich combination of flavors.


    The finish is even sweeter, with a wonderful lingering oak scent and a rich vanilla wrapped up in the warm agave flavor. All together, the taste is incredibly silky smooth and pairs very well with desserts because of the sweet, chocolate-y churro-like finish.

    Flavor Profile

    The flavor profile found in Don Julio 1942 is by far rich and sweet more than anything else. There are small hints of spicy and herbal flavors, though those are more undertones than anything else.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I mix with Don Julio 1942?

    Don Julio 1942 is best served on its own as a sipping tequila. Other tequilas, such as Don Julio Patron, are definitely better for mixing cocktails or taking shots of at the bar. By mixing Don Julio 1942, you are disrupting the sweet and creamy flavor profile that goes down on its own so easily.

    How many types of tequila are there and what makes them different?

    There are 5 basic types of tequila that we see out there on the market:

    Gold Tequila, Silver Tequila, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo

    Each takes on a different flavor because of the amount of time it is aged and what types of barrels they are aged in.

    Gold Tequila

    Gold tequilas are named such because of the color, a quality that is gained from the caramelizing process before being fermented. True gold tequila should be 100% agave though, without any other processing or coloring to obtain the golden hue. These tequilas are not aged in barrels, and most of the time you’ll find that they are only made with just over 50% agave tequila.

    Some popular brands include Jose Cuervo Gold and Sauza Gold.

    Silver Tequila

    Silver tequila is a small step up, and is aged just under a month if that. It is certainly the cleanest of all tequila types and goes best in cocktails.

    Some popular brands include Patron Silver and Don Julio Silver.


    Coming from the Spanish word for “rested”, Resposado tequilas are aged anywhere from a few months to a year in regular oak or white oak barrels.

    Some popular brands include Don Julio Reposado and Siete Leguas Reposado


    If you’re looking for a type of tequila to sip on, Añejo tequilas are where you’ll want to start. “Añejo” means vintage in Spanish, and it definitely lives by its name as this type of tequila is aged anywhere from a full years to three years. You’ll typically find that these are best paired with desserts if anything because of their sweeter and richer taste profiles. Not only is the process vintage, but also the dark golden color makes it seem vintage when compared to other tequilas.

    Some popular brands include Don Julio 1942 and Espolon Barrel Añejo

    Extra Añejo

    Just as the name suggests, this is Añejo tequila 2.0. Unlike other tequila, mixing this type of tequila is faux pas. It is aged for more than a few years and is sweeter, warmer, and smoother than any other type of tequila on the market.

    How is Don Julio 1942 different from lowland tequilas?

    The differentiation between highland and lowland tequilas are where the agave is grown.  Neither of them is better or worse, they simply have different flavor profiles from their specific regions.

    What is the difference between tequila and Mezcal?

    Many believe that these two types of Mexican spirits are the same thing, though there are many differences. Tequila manufacturers bake their agave plants in above ground ovens while Mezcal manufacturers use in-ground ovens or pits. Tequila has a very specific process as well, as it can only be manufactured within the state of Jalisco and MUST use blue agave plants. Mezcal is a bit more freeform in that manner.

    The easiest way to tell the difference between tequila and Mezcal is the distinct, smoky flavor that resonates from Mezcal. Other than that, because they are manufactured with similar methods, most inexperienced drinkers will peg them as the same thing.

    Why do you serve Don Julio 1942 in a snifter glass?

    These types of glasses are designed for aged brown spirits like darker tequilas and bourbons. The wide bottom is easy to hold on to while sipping for longer periods of time while the narrow rim around the top of the glass helps to better trap aromas within the glass. They are also fairly small and hold the perfect amount for a single serving of Don Julio 1942.

    Why does Don Julio 1942 use American White Oak Barrels?

    The main reason is because it expedites the aging process a bit when compared to other barrels. These types of barrels help to char the spirits that are put into them, though because charring a spirit such as Tequila Añejo too much can ruin it, the manufactures at Don Julio prefer to use ex-bourbon barrels to help balance the outcome.